Workplace Safety: Is It A Necessity?

Did you know Alberta has the highest number of injury-related fatalities in the workplace?

In a day and age where people get injured on the job—not just physically but also mentally and emotionally, workplace safety becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.

Apart from incurring physical injuries, the risk of workplace harassment, discrimination, and bullying can also harm the health of many people—as such, an organization might lose some of its best and brightest employees if it doesn’t take precautions to ensure their safety.

Let’s take a look at why workplace safety is important for the peace of mind of the employer as well as the employee.

To produce happier employees

Research has shown that a safe workplace can allow the employees to consider their workplace as a safe space where they can be themselves and channel their creative energy.

When employees aren’t scared for their lives in a workplace that can be robbed or attacked easily, they’ll be able to focus more on their work without any stress. As such, lower stress will increase their productivity that will consequently give them a sense of achievement no matter how big or small it is.

Other than that, you will also be able to generate loyal employees once they see that you’re directing resources to ensure their safety and happiness in the workplace.

To create a productive work environment

What if we told you some of your smartest employees are afraid of speaking up in the meetings because they’re scared of the hostility they’ll receive from their counterparts?

A little competition among employees is healthy and is even encouraged if it increases their productivity, but resorting to malicious actions that jeopardize the other person’s place in an organization is often harmful to the party that’s at the receiving end of that hostility.

Coworkers are often discriminated against based on their gender, class, ethnicity, and the colour of their skin and hence, face bullying in the workplace, which can even manifest in the form of physical violence.

Keeping the workplace safe for these employees will allow them to bring their useful ideas to the forefront, which will add to the productive work environment.

To retain business customers

If you’re in the service industry, keeping the clients and the customer safe is your top priority. A few well-managed safety precautions can instill a sense of confidence and trust in your clients towards you.

Not only will they commend you for the services you provide them, but they will also be willing to come back to you for these services because they know their safety and the safety of their goods is guaranteed within the confines of your organizations.

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