Why a Disgruntled Employee Presents a Security Threat

According to a recent survey, an estimated 356,000 violent workplace incidents occur in Canada each year. These include sexual harassment, assault, and physical disagreements between workers, clients, and customers.

Looking deeper into this phenomenon, you find that disgruntled employees are one of the biggest security threats to any workplace, and are often the perpetrators of violent incidents. They often have administrative rights and access to systems even if they’ve been terminated, which puts the business in a vulnerable position if they choose to take action.

Defining ‘Disgruntled Employee’

So how does an employee go down a path that ultimately ends in risking the security of a business? The answer is simple. Employees thrive in a positive work environment and the prospect of not being treated fairly can be enraging. As most people rely on their jobs to survive in this world, facing an unbearable situation at work can contribute to mental health issues.

Disgruntlement can stem from several sources, such as:

  • Disregard or disrespectful treatment
  • Need for recognition
  • A culture of personal bias, favouritism, or nepotism
  • Poor or unfair performance reviews
  • A culture of bullying by seniors or peers
  • Sexual or physical harassment
  • A lack of career or financial growth opportunity
  • Health issues or domestic problems

Potential Threats to Company Security:

An unhappy employee can feel isolated and disconnected from the company; as a result, they can be motivated to cause significant damage to the company’s assets and reputation. Reported cases of disgruntled employees have shown the ways in which they expose the company to danger:

Theft of Intellectual Property:

An employee who no longer feels any loyalty towards the organization they work for can be motivated to steal proprietary information or modify the data for personal gain. They can also use the company database and provide valuable inside information to competing firms. 


Unhappy employees might feel justified in taking revenge for unfair treatment by attempting to bring the organization down. They can sabotage equipment, documents, and the internal systems of the company and feel it was justified. They can also corrupt critical systems, resulting in the failure of the entire organizational infrastructure.

Block Access to the Company Mainframe:

Most companies rely on the mainframe to ensure the smooth running of the various departments. A disgruntled employee who has been terminated can use their temporary access to the system and block access to the network for the entire organization. While the access can be restored, the temporary crippling effect can have significant repercussions for the business.

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