Uniformed Security Guards

Enjoy Complete Security and Peace of Mind with Our On-Site Professional Protection Services!

A highly trained security guard keeping an eye on your commercial/residential property is the best way to make residents and owners feel safe. The mere presence of an impressive uniformed guard is sometimes enough to deter thieves, vandals, and other security threats, creating a safe atmosphere.

Delta 5 Security offers professional security officers to jack up your security plan and make it more effective. We provide uniformed armed and unarmed guards for both residential and commercial properties.

Residential communities in Edmonton attract many types of security threats, such as burglaries, car thefts, and identity thieves because of parked cars and valuables stored in people’s homes. Even gated communities are at risk of someone leaving the gate open or sharing the access password with someone who isn’t a resident.

Similarly, commercial properties and high-rise buildings are at risk from terrorist threats, data theft, employee harassment, and vandalism. Big and small businesses need to protect their assets and employees from possible theft or injuries.

At Delta 5 Security, we understand these inherent risks and make sure all our security guards are expertly trained to deal with any kind of security threat. They’re also equipped with various military tactics, including verbal and non-verbal which allow them to diffuse the situation efficiently.

We also include access to PALTRAC, our innovative guard management software. This software provides real-time monitoring and logging of security data, which helps us sort incident reports and analyze security issues through a central digital platform. Every step and route of the security guards is logged and recorded via GPS and has a time-stamp that allows us to verify every guard’s position at any given time.

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