The Risk of Crime in Gated Communities and How to Make Them Safer

Gated communities are residential communities or housing estates that have controlled entrances and are characterized by closed fences and walls to mark the perimeter.

The developmental era is marked by multiple gated communities that sought out to create a sense of community by providing prestige and security to the residents. As such, gated communities were perceived as safe havens for those who had the means and the resources to afford living there.

But are gated communities truly free from crime? Let’s take a look at the risk of crime in gated communities and how to keep them safe.

The risk of crime

Gated communities are deliberately designed to be secure as they have locked gates, controlled access points, surveillance, and restricted access. Not only do these aspects serve as a physical barrier between the residents inside and outside, but it also creates a psychological barrier.

Additionally, gated communities create economic segregation because they tend to provide homes for more affluent or progressive members of society. The affluence of the residents creates a class divide between—to put it simply, the fortunate and the unfortunate.

With increasing class disparity, combined with the mentality that one section of citizens are allowed free access to a certain part of town can manifest in the form of hateful sentiments for the wealthy.

These factors mark the wealthy as potential targets for those who received the shorter end of the stick due to class disparity. As such, gated communities become an indirect indicator of wealth—which creates a positive correlation between wealth and the occurrence of robberies within the community.

Since crimes based on class divide has been plaguing Canada for decades now, how does one reduce the risk of crime?

Keeping gated communities secure

Here are a few ways you can make a gated community secure:

Perform a security risk assessment

One of the first steps you should take to improve the security is to perform a security risk assessment that can help identify any weak points of entry into the gated compound, and identify other vulnerabilities in your current state of security.

Set up surveillance cameras and security offers

You can also install surveillance cameras at entry points to identify perpetrators easily in case of any crime that occurs within the confines of the gated community.

In addition to that, you can promote security in a gated community by placing security guards around the compound. They can keep an eye on anyone who doesn’t reside in the community and monitor access to it to prevent unauthorized visitors from entering and threatening the security of the residents.

Install lighting

Since most crimes occur at night, you can improve the visibility within the gated community to discourage any such acts that threaten the security of residents inside.

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