The Overlaps Between Military Training and Effective Security Teams

After ending their services to the country, military vets can seamlessly transition into all kinds of industries but it’s in the security industry where they really find their feet. Military vets and the physical security industry are a match made in heaven.

Their military background makes veterans an excellent choice for security companies. Other industries may be impacted by fluctuations in the economy, but the need for exceptional security services will always exist. In Canada, there’s a growing demand for guards that have a background in military or law enforcement, which gives them a better understanding of advanced security solutions.

Here’s why military trained personnel make excellent security professionals:

1. They’re Familiar with the Technology

Security businesses today are a lot more advanced than they were a decade ago. Security teams use a range of technological sources to keep their assigned premises safe. Modern security agencies expect their team members to be trained in video analytics, biometric technologies and access control.

Veterans already have experience with sophisticated software for security systems and can easily adapt to new security software.

2. They Have Clear Background Checks

One of the biggest concerns for security agencies is whether or not they can trust their staff members. The best security services companies in the country carry out thorough background checks on each candidate before they are given the job.

Security agencies can’t afford to hire the wrong people. Former members of the military have already been through lots of checks, security agencies can hire them without doubting their ability to do their jobs well.

3. Responsiveness

The competence and skills of security professionals are really tested when they’re faced with unforeseen situations on the job. Whether it’s an overflow of traffic at a corporate event, a fight amongst students in the schoolyard or a case of gun violence, security personnel have to prepared at all times.

Military professionals are trained to adapt and respond to the worst situations; they aren’t flustered by unforeseen circumstances. They quickly assess the situation and respond accordingly in a way that keeps civilians safe.

4. Leadership Qualities

The nature of the job calls for personnel that have strong leadership abilities. In an emergency situation, people look to security professionals for help so it’s imperative that they have the leadership skills that allow them to think on their feet and keep others calm.

At Guardmore, we have a military-trained management team that upholds military standards and discipline when selecting and training security professionals. We’re a full-service security provider based in Edmonton and provide comprehensive security solutions including uniformed guards, CCTV monitoring and mobile patrols for companies from all sectors.

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