The Importance of Security Cameras on College Campuses

College campuses are vulnerable to all kinds of crimes. According to statistics, the most common types of crimes that cause disruption to educational environments include theft, alcohol crimes, assault, drugs crimes, vandalism, harassment and bullying.

The people who can be held accountable for criminal activities on college campuses may include students, visitors and the staff.

How can you ensure a safe and secure environment at a college campus? One possible solution is installing security cameras and surveilling the premises 24/7.

Here are some benefits of having security cameras on college campuses.

Deter Crime

Criminals fear getting caught, which is why the mere sight of security cameras at college campuses is enough to deter criminal activity such as break-ins and theft in the area.

Prevents Vandalism

Vandalism often takes place at schools and colleges in the predictable off-hours. Well-placed security cameras can help identify the culprits and prevent vandalism altogether.

Eliminate Unauthorized Intruders

Security cameras can help maintain the safety of the different buildings on the campus. By monitoring the premises for suspicious behaviour and unauthorized access, security personnel can help reduce the risk of criminal activity.

Help in Investigation

In case of a misfortunate event at the college campus, footage from security cameras can provide video evidence, which can help further the investigation for the case. Campus authorities would be able to identify the people involved and figure out what happened exactly.

Regulate Policies

Every school has a distinct set of rules and regulation which the students, staff and everyone else on campus is expected to abide by. To ensure that policies are being observed as they should be, you should install security cameras around the campus.

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of having security cameras on college campuses, let’s move onto discuss some things you need to consider when installing a surveillance system.

Do Certain Areas Require Special Attention?

Some college campuses have certain areas that are associated with suspicious activity. It’s extremely important to install security cameras at these spots to monitor them constantly. By doing so, you can decrease the rate of criminal activity on the premises and ensure safety.

Is the Campus Staffed with Security Personnel?

Do you have security personnel who can monitor the CCTV video continuously? If not then consider hiring trained security staff to ensure a safe and secure campus.

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