The Essentials of Workplace Security: Constant Vigilance

Harassment and abuse in the workplace can have a number of adverse effects on employees. Not only does it decline their productivity, but it can also lead to mental and health issues such as anxiety and depression.

According to statistics, 19% of the working women and 13% of the men reported facing some sort of workplace harassment. The perpetrators were either clients or their supervisors. These are only the reported cases of harassment; the actual number is estimated to be even higher.

Workplace security and harassment issues can be prevented by having an efficient security system. Here are some essential components that can help reduce the number of workplace security incidents:

Assess The Workplace:

The first step to designing an effective security protocol for any company is assessing the workplace. This will help in identifying the weaknesses in the existing security system and potential vulnerabilities of the workplace. Companies can use the information to create a customized security plan that will help mitigate the security risks and provide better guidance on managing incidents of workplace harassment or abuse. 

Importance of Video Surveillance:

Video surveillance is essential for any workplace. Not only does it help monitor the physical area of the business, but it also deters potential security threats such as theft or vandalism. It also encourages the employees to behave in a way that is ethically and morally acceptable. It can reduce the risk of harassment and abuse among the employees.

Identifying the Right Tools:

According to the nature of the business and employee dynamics, different security tools can be used to secure the workplace. Include as many options as possible to make sure the property is completely safe against both internal and external threats. This can include physical barriers such as gates and fences, door locks, access control systems, and security guards. Also, add an extra layer of protection for cybersecurity by preventing open access to confidential and sensitive information stored in the company archives. 

Hire Professionals:

A lot of companies think that just installing cameras and access control systems is enough to ensure security for their place of business. However, in case of situations such as theft, break-ins, or medical emergencies, having professional and trained security personnel can make a big difference. They can also give valuable insight into the vulnerable aspect of the company’s security policies and help make the workplace even more secure!

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