The Basics of Commercial Security: Eliminating Blind Spots

According to statistical data, there were over 2.2 million incidents of criminal violations reported in the metropolitan areas of Canada in 2017 alone. Out of these, less than a million criminals faced charges while the rest were either cleared or were never caught.

Factors such as a steady rise in population, low-income rates, and use of drugs contribute towards the rising number of security threats daily. Most commercial buildings use professional security systems and hire experts to maintain control of their property and make their employees feel safe and secure.

However, to have an efficient and effective security system, it’s important to keep in mind two things. The first is to have the right knowledge regarding the vulnerabilities of the building. The second is to identify the blind spots that can cause possible security breaches.

Here are some possible blind spots within a commercial building security system.

Alert fatigue

The security system of a commercial building often covers a huge area. In case of a possible security breach, the system flashes an alert sign that informs the person monitoring the system. However, in some cases where there are multiple breaches and alerts flashing on the screen, some of them might not be detected in time.

It’s important to have a professional technician or security personnel monitoring the feeds at all times. They should also be armed with the proper tools to deal with multiple alerts without overlooking any breach such as colour coded alerts according to the severity of the security concern.

Camera placement

Certain angles and camera locations can unintentionally create blind spots that aren’t covered under video surveillance. Rotating cameras can also create blind spots where an intruder can sneak in without being detected. Typically, the cameras are placed on the corners of the buildings and at the entrance. Professional security teams make sure the cameras are placed strategically to ensure there are no blind spots. They also time the camera rotations accordingly to minimize and overlaps and overlooked areas.

Untrained security guards

Professional security can cost businesses and organization a pretty penny. Some commercial building owners compensate by employing cheap security guards. However, in case of emergencies such as medical issues or terrorist attacks, these guards are unable to protect the premises due to lack of training.

The basic requirement of an efficient security system is hiring security guards who are trained and have expertise in dealing with possible emergencies. In the end, you get what you paid for!

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