Some of The Greatest Threats to Our Residential Security

Your property is constantly under threat from a number of factors and in various forms. Whether it’s intrusion, vandalism or breaking and entering you never know what you’re going to get. Your homes are places where you keep your most valuable possessions, where you feel safe and secure. Any break-ins place your possessions and your personal wellbeing at risk of compromising the sense of safety that you’re supposed to feel in your homes.

As such, it becomes essential that you protect your homes from any threat and damage to preserve that space that you can truly call your own. But before you can protect yourself, you need to also know what threats you face and then prepare for those accordingly.

Some of more frequent threats to residential security include:

Burglary and Theft

Having your valuables stolen can cause much more harm than we give credit for. It sends the message that you have been observed for a very long time and someone who doesn’t really mean well knows exactly who and what’s in your house.

It can make you feel unsafe in the neighborhood in general and the compromise of your home’s security can make you feel that there is no place in the world that you might be safe.


Whether it’s done as a joke or is part of something a little more insidious, vandalism comes with a hefty financial and psychological cost. Spray paint on the walls, broken windows pose major risks to your physical wellbeing and present a feeling of persecution which might be a little hard to shake off.

In addition to these risks, you never know when exactly the vandals will strike next. So you keep looking over your shoulder every now and then until the feeling goes away completely.


These are rare, if they even occur at all and hardly ever target residential buildings but terrorist attacks are not entirely impossible. Although any and all threats to your homes technically qualify as an act of terrorism, being targeted for your ethnicity, religious beliefs is a very real possibility which you may need to look out for.


Assaults are actually a very common occurrence in the United States and these are usually perpetrated by someone close to the victim. This is a much more direct attack at you in that assault places you in direct path of the harm. Maybe it’s someone who has a bone to pick with you, an angry co-worker or an ex-lover; protecting your homes from infiltration is the first step to protecting yourself.

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