Signs You Might Need to Hire a Professional Security Firm

The crime rate in Alberta has shown a steady increase since 2017. According to Statistics, Edmonton has the highest crime severity compared to the rest of the province. While the residential area has shown more crimes in the past couple of years, the commercial properties aren’t exempt from potential theft and break-ins.

Depending on the type and size of your commercial business or residential property, you’re likely to run into some type of security issues that require professional help. The best way to deal with the risk of dangerous situations and protect your property is by hiring a professional security firm.

Here’s a list of some warning signs that indicate it’s time to get professional help to guard your home or place of business:

Rate of Crime in Your Area:

The simplest way to gauge whether you need professional security is by evaluating the crime rate in and around your area. Is it low, moderate or higher than average? If you think it the latter two options, you might want to find a professional security guard to prevent potential security issues.

The Parking Lot Isn’t Secure:

Most commercial parking lots have security issues due to poor lighting, less than ideal layouts, and frequent episodes of vandalism around the area. The best way to make your employees and visitors feel safe is by getting professional security guards that conduct regular patrols. This will help deter potential criminal activities and make the people who work there feel safe at the same time!

Backup for Potential Emergencies:

What the emergency protocol at your home or place of business? Emergencies can occur at any time and can be anything from medical to criminal in nature.

While you might get confused and not know how to proceed, security guards are trained to deal with any kind of emergencies in the most professional way. They can handle the situation without panicking and can provide peace of mind for you and others who live or work on the property. 

Confidential or Sensitive Information:

Corporate espionage has become a real concern in today’s day and age. If your place of business stores confidential information that is sensitive in nature, you are at high risk of break-ins. There are a lot of people who target firms in order to steal private information and database. Experienced security personnel can help you secure that information and prevent any possible breaches.

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