Security Team Investments: A Cost Analysis

Businesses that are reluctant to hire a security team to protect their property in hopes of saving financial resources are putting their assets and customers at risk. Whether you’re running a bank or a small boutique on the corner of the road, all businesses can benefit from implementing some sort of security.

You may not need an armed security guard to watch the door, but having a surveillance system installed can help strengthen your insurance claim in case of a robbery, for example.

Let’s take a look at why investing in advanced security systems is worth the money:

1. It Protects Your Property

The most important reason to hire a professional security team is to protect your assets; this includes everything from your building and belongings, to your staff and customers.

Last year it was reported that Canadian retailers were heavily affected by theft due to the lack of loss prevention departments. Security experts have advised retailers to invest in surveillance systems so they can prevent theft and shoplifting.

The same applies to other commercial properties that carry expensive hardware, sensitive information and store cash.

To protect their property from theft, burglary and vandalism, it’s best for businesses to invest in security systems.

2. Enhances Customer Service

It may never have occurred to you but security personnel are often the first point-of-contact for new visitors and clients. They are usually placed in the front of the building and will greet and welcome visitors on your behalf.

Uniformed security guards are authoritative, courteous and professional; they are great at customer service.

3. First-Responders

Most security professionals are trained in First Aid and combat. Without security guards on the premises, civilians are forced to find ways to protect themselves. Civilians have a tendency to get frantic and panic when faced with crisis situations but security guards are trained to think on their feet and come up with solutions that protect everyone around them.

It may take a few minutes for law enforcement to reach the premises but in the meantime, you can rely on your security guards to keep you safe.

4. Ongoing Monitoring

Outsiders aren’t the only threat to companies; more often than not, it’s the employees of an organization that can be brewing trouble.

In the past few years, it’s become abundantly clear how rampant sexual misconduct and violence is in the workplace. Victims of sexual harassment incidents in the workplace have filed negligence claims against organizations.

Surveillance systems have proven to be effective in preventing misconduct in the office.

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