Security Precautions to Take Before Leaving for the Holidays

Are you excited about going on vacation this holiday season?

It’s easy to get carried away when you’re excited about a trip. But don’t let the excitement take over you to the extent that you forget to take care of crucial things when you leave the house—such as keeping it safe and secure.

Take a look at some of these tips to help you keep your house safe this holiday season because we don’t want you to encounter any unpleasant surprises when you come back home.

Stowaway your valuables

The first rule of keeping your house safe is to hide and store away your valuables.  This is done to minimize loss or damage in case an intruder manages to enter your house. Keep your jewelry, cash, and other expensive items in a safe that’s concealed from plain sight to make sure none of it gets stolen.

Clear out the mailbox

An overflowing mailbox is never a good sign as it means one thing—you’re not home. So if you don’t want to give off the impression that you’re away for the holidays and give the robber a heads up to sneak in, clear out your mailbox before leaving.

Additionally, you should also cancel your mail by contacting the post office or have it directed to your neighbours or someone you trust while you’re away.

Don’t shut off all the lights

Switching off all the lights when you’re away is a rookie mistake because when its nightfall and no lights are switched on inside, it becomes evident that no one’s home –making it just as easier for anyone to sneak in and rob you blind.

To avoid this, you can opt for smart lighting and set the lights on a timer so they can turn on automatically in the evening.

Maintain your yard

Un-mowed grass in your yard and snow stacked high on your driveway is an indication that no one’s home. So before you leave, make sure you hire temporary help or ask a favour from a friendly neighbour to keep your lawn maintained and your driveway clear to reduce risks of any intruders breaking in.

Put away the spare key

More than often people forget about the spare key they have hidden underneath the mat or above the light on the porch. Take out your spare key from its usual hiding spot and give it to a friend or a neighbour so they can use it to do damage control in case of any emergency incidents that might occur inside your house.

Beef up your security

You can opt for a home security system with security cameras, motion detectors, and alarms to keep your house safe as well. This will give you peace of mind, leaving you without any worries as you enjoy your vacation.

If you’re still paranoid, you can get in touch with Guardmore’s security patrol services in Edmonton. Our security service company provides security guard services and CCTV monitoring for residential security purposes. So get in touch with us today before you leave for the holidays!

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