Secure Your Parking Lot — 4 Best Security Practices

The implementation of technology to reduce the manpower needed to operate a parking lot comes with a fair bit of risk. Since there are fewer people around to manage the parking lot, there’s a lower chance of a burglar getting caught in the process of stealing. Whether it’s a threat to you or your car in your absence, you’re more likely to get mugged in a parking lot than anywhere else.

There’s a certain type of person that walks out of the parking lot, either people are going back home from work, coming back from a shopping trip or they went out to eat. There’s something common between everyone who goes to a parking lot—they probably have car keys and some cash for the taking.  This is why you need to ensure that you take precautions against any tragic incidents that are likely to occur in a parking lot.

Some ways that you can improve security include:

1. Install Video Surveillance

Video surveillance is a basic security requirement for all security plans irrespective of what area the cameras are scoping out. It’ll be easier to identify the perpetrator if someone’s getting robbed or if someone’s car was stolen and you can catch the thief much more quickly. If you’re fast enough, you might even catch them in the act to put a stop to this right there.

2. Emergency Stations

You should set up emergency stations around the parking lot so that people have someone to go to if they are robbed or threatened in any way. With guards close-by, it’s much easier to contain a situation and the same guards can act much more quickly than if their rooms are far away. The closer you are to the area of potential security lapses, the easier it is to clamp down on any security lapses.

3. Restrict Access

Alternatively, you could just also restrict the number of people who can park their cars in the parking lot. Perhaps you should only let authorized employees into the parking lot who have the appropriate identification and who have a reserved parking space. If fewer people go into the parking lot, it’s less likely that someone from outside threatens them in any way.

4. Ensure Ample Lighting

There’s no point to video surveillance if you don’t have enough lighting to detect who the perpetrator was. Additionally, it’s much easier for someone to steal or vandalize the property if the area isn’t well lit—no one would be able to tell that the burglar has broken in. Well-lit areas make people feel safe and they also scare away potential thieves.

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