Planning Security for Special Events

A security plan for a special event involves much more than lining the venue with guards. The process is complicated and requires advanced planning, communication, and coordination with various teams.

Hiring the best security services agency will ensure the safety of your guests and prevent any sort of property damage.

Here’s what planning security for a special event involves:

1. Know What You Need

Security plans for every event have different requirements. Your on-site strategy will depend on the venue. Is your event going to be held indoors or is it an outdoor set-up? An outdoor set-up will need extra equipment including electrical cords, canopies, etc.

Speak to the representatives of the venue to make sure you aren’t unknowingly breaking any rules and are working within their guidelines.

2. Choose Resources

Some venues offer supplies like seats, AV equipment along with administrative staff and custodians. If you require specific equipment or additional personnel, discuss it with the venue’s representatives so you have everything you need on the day.

3. Set It Up

Don’t wait for the last minute to set up your security plans. A well-executed security plan involves setting up everything at least one day before the event. This includes dotting the venue with guards, installing CCTV cameras, placing scanning equipment on entryways and making sure that security personnel can communicate without interruptions.

Setting up your security plan in advance will also reveal any blind-spots that need to be addressed.

4. Gauge Attendee Risks

This may not be a big concern for corporate events, however, if an educational institute invites a keynote speaker to discuss a sensitive issue at an event, you may need to call for backup.

Universities have to prepare for protests and sometimes even violence when they invite important figures for events. Security agencies conduct brief background checks on speakers so they’re prepared for any sort of trouble that may break out.

5. Crowd Control

The larger the crowd, the greater the risk! Large crowds can get out of control really fast, which is why it’s crucial for security personnel to manage traffic flow. Guests that are blocking the entrances and exit doors will need to be redirected. Registration lines will need to be monitored closely and security staff will have to make sure that guests don’t stroll into the staff-only areas or other spots that are reserved for VIPs.

The security agency you hire will have a huge difference in how successful your event is, so do your research and hire the best security agency near you!

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