Optimal Home Security — Identifying Vulnerabilities

Taking pre-emptive measures is one of the most effective risk minimization strategies for your homes. Nearly 160,000 cases of burglaries were reported throughout Canada in 2018 alone and experts expect these numbers to rise as the years pass. With this knowledge in hand, you should look out for potential security risks that you can cover up and avoid losses of thousands of dollars.

Before you can look for vulnerabilities, you’ll need to know what actually qualifies as vulnerability and how to identify possible security risks. This blog will tell you how to look out for security risks in your home.

1. Locking Systems in Your Home

Basics first—you should check and double check that you have all the keys to your home and none are missing.  Additionally, you should have your locks checked out to see if they’re functioning properly and won’t break easily if someone’s trying to rob your home. You could get a locksmith who won’t charge you a lot of money to change your locks or fix them if there’s something wrong with them.

2. Making Sure The Windows Work

Windows are some of the most frequently used access points for burglars and home intruders. Windows that don’t shut all the way or if they can’t be locked provide an easy path into your house—breaking a window is sure to cause an outcry which the burglar wants to avoid. You should really get your windows checked out to see that they function properly and restrict the access points into your home.

3. Lock Your Gates If You Have Kids Around

Kidnappers can’t really lug a person around if there are too many obstacles in the way. It’s too much of a hassle to kidnap someone and then carry them over the gate—they need to make a quick getaway. If you have kids, then low walls put them at greater risk of kidnapping because the abductor can see them and also carry them over without much trouble.

4. Keep a Sharp Eye Out

Most burglaries, break-ins and kidnappings occur because the victims weren’t paying attention to their surroundings. It’s easy for the perpetrator to victimize you if you’re not prepared to stop them. Paying attention to the people walking around your neighborhood, any strangers or unknown cars can help avoid unfortunate and possibly tragic events.

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