Keep That Music Lower And Your Pace Faster—Ways To Stay Safer On the Streets At Night

Late at night, that’s probably the times when you’re the most unsafe. Many criminals take advantage of the fact that it’s dark and they might not be seen as they take advantage of that vulnerability. In these situations, it becomes necessary that you ensure your own safety and security with a little mindfulness. For as long as you keep your wits about you, there is potentially no reason why anyone could take advantage of you or at the very least you could minimize the damage that you take.

At night, it’s always important to pay attention to where you’re going, who the people are around you and understanding your surroundings. If you ever find yourself walking down the street at night, there are some very easy steps you can take to make sure that you aren’t hurt in anyway.

Keeping Your Music Low

If you’re walking alone, no one can really fault you for listening to music as you walk along. Although it’s a great time, it also dulls your sensitivity to your surroundings by blocking out any sound around you. You might not hear the shouts or the footsteps really close to you which might signal danger to your possessions or your physical well being.

So always turn down the music you’re listening to, just so you can still make out the sounds in your immediate vicinity.

Walking Faster

The quicker you get to your destination, the less time you spend outside in a possibly isolated part of the city. Proximity is almost always a factor that works in the favor of whoever is on the lookout to make mischief. For these reasons, quickening your pace can deter any thieves or criminals from harming you simply by keeping your distance and you generally reduce your risk by walking faster, since you’d not be out in the open for long.

Walk in the Light

The more noticeable you are to your potential thief; you’re equally as visible to those around you. If you keep walking in the light, it’s less likely that someone would try anything because nothing goes unnoticed if it happens under the bright lights of street lamps.

Do not Panic

If you think you’re being followed by someone, then do not react in a way that would let them know. If you react, it’s a 50-50 chance that they might just be goaded into acting out against you. Just keep your head down and try to change your directions a few times to make sure that they actually are following you.

If you’re certain they are, just try sending out a text to your friends or to law enforcement authorities to tell them that you might be under threat and may need assistance.

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