Increase the Security of Your Construction Site in 4 Simple Steps

Vandalism and theft are recurrent safety issues for construction projects throughout Canada. As a construction company, you’re responsible for the security of the construction site, which also compromises your service provision quality and your workers. Research indicates a rise in instances of organized crime and illicit actions directed against construction companies throughout Canada.

Equipment damage, vandalism, theft and other types of petty crime can add to project timelines, expose your employees to risk and several other hazards. These events demand that you take steps to ensure the highest standards of safety for your construction sites.

The Security Vulnerabilities to Construction Sites

Each location has a unique set of security vulnerabilities, which determine the threats to the construction site. Urban locations have a higher risk of vandalism in the form of graffiti and theft. Suburban locations are commonly sources of violent crimes, theft, and face different forms of vandalism.

You have to account for these differences and devise security plans which make the most of the geographical location while tackling the most likely causes of security lapses. Some steps you can follow to enhance security of your construction site include:

Introduce Access Restrictions

If more people can get into your construction site, the risks of security lapses are higher. You should only allow authorized personnel to enter the worksite, make sure that everyone who goes in and out is monitored, and put up as many barriers to entry as possible. As you reduce the number of people going in and out of the site, you’ll automatically reduce the number of possible perpetrators.

Install CCTV Cameras

In the event that someone exploits security vulnerabilities at your construction site, security cameras can help identify the perpetrators or identify them as they attempt it. Either way, you can prevent the crime or at the very least recover from the damage by apprehending the perpetrator. CCTV cameras are a great solution to your security needs.

Hire Patrolling Guard Services

You can clamp down on the incidence of graffiti and petty theft if your perpetrators can see someone patrolling the area. Most incidences of graffiti and other forms of vandalism target locations that seem abandoned or aren’t secure enough. The presence of guards scares them off because perpetrators won’t ever risk getting caught.

Install Intrusion Detection Systems

Alarms are a very simple solution to security lapses. If you rig your alarm system triggers to alert the nearest security personnel in the case of a break in or unauthorized access, it improves your chances of stopping such an action. IDSs are one of the core considerations when devising security plans for construction sites.

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