How to Prevent Break-Ins in Your Workplace

Workplace break-ins are much more common (and damaging) than you might think – and we’re not talking about just property loss. Break-ins in commercial properties can also result in loss of valuable business data and even identity theft, which can have devastating effects on the enterprise.

Needless to say, it’s essential for business owners to take a careful, integrated approach to protecting their commercial property and employees. At Guardmore, commercial security is one of our specialties. We’ve put together a list of security measures you can take to protect your workplace against break-ins.

Address Weaknesses in Building Security

Addressing weakness in your commercial property’s security is essential to making it more secure. Conduct a security audit of your commercial property which carefully examines its vulnerabilities and look for ways to enhance security and safety. The next step is devising a comprehensive safety plan. You can use the results of the security audit to add or reinforce security elements in the high-risk areas of the property. Guardmore can assist you in conducting this type of audit.

Access Control

Access control is a multi-faceted aspect of security. It can include the use of vandal-proof hardware such as special doors and locking mechanisms, as well as electronic security. When it comes to safeguarding personnel and assets from intruders, Electronic Physical Security (EPS) systems provide a variety of benefits. EPS systems can include a reader, card, and a portal-controlling device. They can also include Radio frequency Identification (RFID) tags and burglar alarms. When all these things are synergized, the security benefits can be profound.

Surveillance Cameras

Workplace surveillance cameras have become the norm in most developing countries – and for good reason as well. Surveillance cameras provide a 360-degree visibility of your commercial property as well as real-time alerts on any suspicious activities. Moreover, they can also provide valuable evidence in a criminal case.

Hiring a Reputable Security Services Provider

Commercial security is a whole different ball game to residential security, especially in large building where hundreds of people enter and exit the property on a daily basis. A professional security company can address all your security concerns in an effective and efficient manner. From identifying security vulnerabilities to recommending the best solutions, security companies have the tactical and technological know-how to make the best decisions.

A premier full-service security provider based in Edmonton, Guardmore offers top-notch security guard and patrol services to both residential and commercial clients. Get in touch with them for further information about their services.

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