Handling Threats from Disgruntled Ex-Employees

Contrary to what some former employees may think, firing an employee is a difficult decision for most companies. Employers are essentially investing in the people they hire; when the employee has to be fired, the company is losing out on its investment.

Typically fired employees accept their fate and move on, however there are also people who don’t handle it very well and decide to take matters in their own hands. Disgruntled employees pose the greatest threat to organizations due to two important factors—they have the motivation and access.

Organizations should never overlook threats from disgruntled employees; these former staff members possibly had access to sensitive information and can potentially compromise business performance.

Here’s how organizations can handle threats from disgruntles employees:

1. Speak to Them

Resolving a conflict so there’s no bad blood between the fired employee and the organization does help reduce some of the tension. Fired employees often feel betrayed and emotional which fuels their resentment towards the company they once worked for.

Attempting to speak to them and alleviating some of the pain and anger that resulted from being laid off can help mend the situation. They may not have a job but at least you’re letting them know that they are still respected.

2. Revoke All Access to Company’s Facilities and Online Platforms

Many organizations give access cards to employees that allow them to enter certain parts of the building. Employees are also given usernames and passwords to access the company’s online platforms where they can view information that is only meant for current staff members.

On an employee’s last day, all their employee privileges should be revoked in order to prevent them from being misused. Access cards should be taken and online accounts should be closed.

3. Take Preventive Measures

It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Instead of putting your organization at risk, hire professional security services. Hiring uniformed security guards, installing surveillance systems and even mobile patrols protects your property from being broken into, your belongings from being vandalized or stolen and employees from being harmed.

Guardmore offers customized security solutions for your organization after carefully assessing their needs. Our services include uniformed guards, CCTV monitoring and mobile patrols.

We’ll assign an account manager who will begin working on devising personalized security solutions for you.

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