Guardmore’s Vacation Security Hacks That Ensure Peace of Mind

You go on vacations to relax and to enjoy a break from the rigors of everyday life. However, going to a place that you’ve never visited before exposes you to more security risks than you would otherwise feel. You don’t know the place, you don’t know anyone around you and you might not even speak the same language. Trust us, getting robbed in a place like Italy isn’t the most pleasant experience—much more unpleasant than getting robbed in Canada.

There are plenty of stories of people getting robbed while on vacation. Surveys on the incidence of theft while on vacation highlight the following hierarchy:

  • 10% of all respondents had their phones stolen.
  • 9% had credit cards stolen.
  • 8% had debit cards stolen.
  • 6% had their licenses stolen.
  • 4% lost their passports.

Losing any one of these items could have you stranded in your dream vacation destination for days if not weeks. You need to take the proper steps to make sure you’re not subjected to any crimes while on vacation. Our military trained security specialists have the following advice to offer:

Always Remember What Paths You Take

If you’re walking around, make sure that you remember the ways you took to get to your location. Getting lost and losing your bearings puts you at greater risk of robbery because you also stop paying attention to your surroundings. You can’t effectively respond to any threats if you’re too busy trying to figure out where you are.

Pull Out Your Phone Only When Necessary

For someone to rob you, they should know that you have something worth robbing you for. Considering the number of people getting their phones stolen, it’s just common sense to keep your phone inside whenever possible. Walking around with your phone in your hand, for everyone to see, only makes it easier to steal.

Don’t Stash Away Your Valuables in The Safe

If you’re staying at a hotel, you shouldn’t stash your jewelry and extra cash in the safe. While you shouldn’t be suspicious of the hotel room staff, you shouldn’t take risks with them either—most of them have a second key or the default codes for the safe. Instead, just leave your jewelry at home and use plastic currency instead. It’s much more difficult for someone to steal your credit or debit cards to use them for any reason.

Stare Everyone In The Eyes

Most possible robbers or muggers will approach you if they believe that they can overpower you. Avoiding eye contact is one of the most obvious indicators of fear and insecurity, which the offenders will capitalize on. Always look people in the eye, try to remember their facial features if they threaten you—but it’s unlikely that they’ll make a move if you stare at them in the face.

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