Greatest Risks to Organizational Security

Security breaches make headlines year after year, as companies rely on technology to transmit and store sensitive information.

Cybercrimes are by far the biggest threat to organizations as companies fail to install and implement adequate cybersecurity measures and train their employees on the best security practices.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest risks to organization security:

Disgruntled Employees

Companies don’t usually think about it, but disgruntled employees can prove to be a serious threat to them.

Former employees are familiar with the organization’s security measures; they’ve had access to private networks, admin accounts and important data centers. This knowledge of sensitive information makes them a security threat.

The risk is even greater if the ex-employee worked in the IT department. In this case, companies need to ensure that the credentials and accounts of all former employees are terminated on their last day.

Careless Employees

Employees that are careless about where they place their access cards are putting your company’s privacy at risk. Leading corporations contain a lot of sensitive information at their premises and lost access cards pose a major threat. An access card in the wrong hand can put your organization at risk.

Companies should consider providing training sessions to employees, in which they learn the best security practices including how to handle suspicious emails, unauthorized websites, and changing passwords regularly.

Mobile Devices

Every time an employee uses their mobile device to access company accounts, they’re putting your organisation at risk. According to a study carried out by British Telecommunications (BT) over two-thirds of global corporations were victims of cybercrimes between 2017 and 2018.

Most of these cases included malignant emails, viruses, malware and even attempts by hackers to impersonate the organization online. Due to such incidents, companies lost temporary and permanent files carrying sensitive information.

To prevent such incidents from taking place, companies should limit access via mobile devices and unsecured networks.

Unprotected Gateways

Retailers, banks and restaurants all need uniformed security guards to protect them from unforeseen circumstances; such places are often targeted by thieves and burglars.  

To ensure the safety of customers, it’s crucial for such companies to hire uniformed security personnel and install surveillance systems.  

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