Differentiating Between Executive Security and Regular Office Security

When it comes to personal security, most people imagine a hulking muscular guy following them around day and night. And while security guards are an integral part of most security plans, there are various other elements which need to be considered when looking for complete protection.

Kind of Personal Security:

Personal security can be broken down into two categories; regular office security and executive security. Each has a different purpose and provides a different level of security. Let’s break it down further:

Components of Regular Office Security

A big part of regular security is brawny security guards. They’re responsible for the physical security of the premises, along with the people that occupy it. They deal with threats by using verbal or non-verbal tactics to ensure that no damage comes to employees or residents as well as the structure of the property.

Regular security plans also include video surveillance to keep an eye on the perimeter and identify potential threats. The CCTV system is usually installed in areas that are at high risk, such as parking lots, the entrance of a building, and any area that is accessible to the general public.

Understanding Executive Protection/Security

Executive protection takes security to a whole new level. It begins with a proper risk assessment of the property or person that needs protection. Highly specialized security experts analyze the situation and the nature of the business to identify potential threats and risks. They also look at the geographical location, the socio-political standing of the person or the organization, and various other factors.

A detailed security plan is formed to cover all the bases and ensure all risks are mitigated. This includes the physical security of the premises or the person, as well as cybersecurity and protecting devices and sensitive data, analyzing security footage for possible vulnerabilities, and anticipating any acts of violence. Executive security also includes educating the person or organization being protected regarding risks involving them.

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