Developing a Personnel Security Plan: Some Considerations

With reports of terrorist attacks and other acts of violence being common on the news, there’s been a growing interest in personal security. According to the latest numbers, there is one security guard for every two police officers in Canada.

Workers are calling for their managers and organizations to up the safety and security of their workplaces and homeowners are investing large sums of money in video surveillance to protect their property and loved ones.

But it’s important to make sure you consider the basic elements before investing in any security plans. These include:

  • Mechanical/Electronic— intrusion alarms, CCTV cameras, access control, monitoring systems, door locks, and other security hardware.
  • Operational —Security staff, the involvement of management in security programs, organizational security, and employee security.
  • Natural/Architectural — Property definition, basic structure, and natural surveillance points.

Sadly, most security programs heavily focus on just one aspect of security rather than encompassing them all. Here are some of the factors you need to consider to develop the perfect security plan:

Examine Threats And Risks:

The first thing you need to do is to determine the threats and risks you expect to face. Are you living in an area with a high crime rate? Are you expecting a potential hate crime? Or does your facility conduct activities that might invite unscrupulous individuals to your doorstep? Each organization and home has different concerns that need to be taken into consideration before forming a security plan designed to deter those specific threats.

Assess The Perimeter And The Structure:

The next step is to assess the property and perimeter to determine whether it’s a high-risk or a low-risk facility. Another thing to consider is the type of building structure you have and how many entry points there are.

You also need to assess the people who will be entering and exiting the building, such as employees and other staff members. Find out if the property has any blind spots that might encourage forced or unauthorized entry.

Pinpoint high-risk areas such as parking lots, front entrance, and rooftops. Determine what kind of security measures will be suitable for each of these areas such as guards and video surveillance.

Invest In A Separate Command Center:

A command center is any area where the activity of a property is monitored. This room needs to be in a secure location within the organization with limited access to anyone who isn’t a part of the security team. The command center should have the latest equipment and backup power which will ensure it doesn’t shut down in an emergency.

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