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Property walks, slip, trip and fall prevention, lighting reports, and customer service are a part of a winning security partnership.

Delta 5 Security offers the ultimate security system for your peace of mind!

Having a good home protection plan is vital for the peace of mind. With the current rise in potential security threat such as burglary and break-ins, protecting your family and property is a big responsibility. Most burglars survey different neighborhoods to identify houses where they can enter easily without being detected. They usually go for properties that look most vulnerable and display no outward signs of protection.

Delta 5 Security Company in Edmonton knows the importance of proper security for your home. Our aim is to provide the ultimate protection plan that can be customized according to your needs and location. We offer a number of security solutions including uniformed guards, video surveillance, remote video access, and automated security options.

Out cutting-edge Security guard management software PALTRAC is a private program that is exclusively available to our clients. The system is fully automated to optimize security performance while reducing management strain. The electronic system has been designed to reduce paperwork and individual accountability for a more streamlined approach to residential security.

Delta 5 Security Home Security System will serve as the first line of defense to deter possible theft and break-in on your property. The rapid response feature of our system will notify the local law enforcement officers in an instant to ensure there is no unauthorized entry. Our custom-built security plan for your home will minimize potential losses and offer full protection for you and your family in Edmonton.

At Delta 5 Security, we understand that no two residential properties are the same. That’s why we offer the options for customization on all our security systems. You can choose from a number of security options according to the layout and the activity of the residents on your property.

Hire our professional security guards who’ve been trained to deal with all kinds of emergencies. They can also determine the possible vulnerabilities of your home security system and help you create a better protection plan for your residential property!

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Sloppy handwritten reports, or reports written in a simple word processor are a thing of the past. Say hello to color-coded, GPS and time-stamped reports that reduce your risk and liability.

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