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Commercial properties are usually a hub of activity. With so many people with different needs and requirements coming and going within the premises, the security risks are quite high. The ultimate goal of any corporation is to make sure their place of business is safe from vandalism, theft, terrorist attacks, and any other kind of security breaches.

At Delta 5 Security, professional security is always the highest priority. We provide top-notch custom security solutions for commercial properties in Edmonton, Alberta. We are exclusively devoted to providing plans that enhance the security for business corporations, international organizations, hotels and restaurants, as well as other professional venues across the city.

Our methodology includes assessing the property first to identify different vulnerabilities in their current security plan. After the initial inspection, we create a customized security plan that is unique for each of our clients. We provide the ultimate security using a number of options such as professional security guards who are all highly trained ex-military personnel, access control panels, power outage assistance, video monitoring, regular patrols, and more.

All of our security options can be monitored and controlled using our centralized security guard management software. It allows our clients to access the security feeds and monitor their property remotely. We also include emergency response services alarms in our security systems, which allow instant contact with the local law enforcement of Edmonton in case of a security breach!

We design an effective and efficient security system for all our clients and implement it accordingly for maximum protection of your commercial building. Our approach to your safety is professional yet approachable for the best customer service for our clients. Our security strategies align with your company objectives to ensure a strong partnership, which will deter any possible security risks.

So, call us today and let us help you create versatile security solutions to protect your employees, business assets, and yourself!


Sloppy handwritten reports, or reports written in a simple word processor are a thing of the past. Say hello to color-coded, GPS and time-stamped reports that reduce your risk and liability.

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