Covering All Your Basis: A Comprehensive Security Plan

According to statistics, 3,245 property crimes per 100,000 residents were reported in Canada in 2017. These incidents include burglary, larceny, theft and vandalism. The victims of criminal activities not only suffer monetary loss, but they also experience great psychological burden.

To make sure you and your property don’t fall prey to a criminal act, you should consider upgrading your security plan.

Here’s a guide that’ll help you cover all the basics effectively.

Start with an Assessment

The first step to developing your security master plan is to assess the present one. If you have a security system in place, evaluate how effective it truly is. What is it that it’s lacking? What are your property’s vulnerable areas? The existing conditions of your property will provide you with a basic layout for developing your security plan.

Form a Planning Team

The formation of the planning team comes next. Gather some objective personnel including executives, existing security personnel, and facility managers who can brainstorm and propose mitigative strategies. They’ll also be working on budgeting and determining the exact security needs for the property.

List Required Technologies

With the team in place and the vulnerabilities identified, you can now move on to deciding the technology you need to maximize the security of the property. You can evaluate how you’ll benefit from different security services such as CCTV monitoring, access control, security guards and more and decide which ones you need for your security plan.

Hire a Security Company

Once you’ve developed your security plan, you need to get in touch with a full-service security provider. A professional agency will help you keep your property safe and secure with innovative security solutions.

But before you hire a company, make sure they’re well-reputed and that they’re a reliable source of security solutions. You can do so by reading customer reviews and testimonials on their website. Lastly, ensure that the company is licensed and the security guards on their team are well-trained and skilled.

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