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4 Common Security Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to ensuring the safety of a commercial property or a workplace, devising a security plan can be overwhelming—keeping in mind the size of the facility, all the activities that go on within it, and the nature of those activities.
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Workplace Safety: Is It A Necessity?

Did you know Alberta has the highest number of injury-related fatalities in the workplace? In a day and age where people get injured on the job—not just physically but also mentally and emotionally, workplace safety becomes more of a necessity than a luxury.
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A Guide to Commercial Security

Commercial properties are spaces where tons of activity is taking place at the same time—as such, it’s easy to sneak past feeble security precautions and harm the safety of the place, and the safety of the people occupying said space. Keeping this in mind, keeping commercial spaces safe using commercial security is the best way to…
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Keeping Your Employees Safe A Guide To Workplace Security | Infographic

Looking for a security system for your workplace? Reach Out To Us: GuardMore
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Security Precautions to Take Before Leaving for the Holidays

Are you excited about going on vacation this holiday season? It’s easy to get carried away when you’re excited about a trip. But don’t let the excitement take over you to the extent that you forget to take care of crucial things when you leave the house—such as keeping it safe and secure.
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4 Security Failures in History That Can Keep You Up At Night

For those of us who have been victims of crimes, we know the importance of security in our life. Be it a place where you work or a school your child attends—one encounter is all it takes for us to learn from the mistakes of our past and never to walk down the same road…
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