Construction Site Security: Some Considerations

The security of a construction site is just as crucial as the work being carried out on the site. Unsecured construction sites are susceptible to theft and vandalism. Although insurance will cover damages, incidents of theft and vandalism can cause sufficient delays.

In worst cases, unauthorized personnel may trespass onto dangerous construction sites and seriously injure themselves. Having security personnel present on site will prevent unauthorized personnel from putting themselves in a dangerous situation.

To keep their construction sites, Guardmore suggests the following:

Carry Out Risk Analysis

Before you hire an agency, conduct a risk analysis either by yourself or hire an external contractor. The risk analysis should take into account the threats and hazards that can affect your project. For every point you write down, you should present a solution that either eliminates the hazard completely or reduces them.  

Keep in mind that a new risk analysis will need to be carried out after the site undergoes changes.

Secure the Perimeter

Materials and tools used in construction sites cannot be packed away at the end of the day, which is why they’re prone to theft and vandalism.

For construction sites, it’s essential for companies to build a fence and gate to secure the perimeter. This is much more effective than CCTV monitoring that is typically used to provide evidence after an incident has occurred. The more complex the construction site, the more robust the fence will need to be.

The fence will have to be checked regularly to make sure it’s not damaged from anywhere.

Uniformed Guards

Having the construction site manned at all hours will prevent unauthorized individuals from breaking in. Security personnel can patrol the site regularly to ensure that no suspicious activities are taking place.

If the construction site area is large, contractors have the option of hiring mobile patrols that drive around at night or whenever the site is closed.

CCTV Security

Depending on the sort of site you’re constructing, you may need CCTV monitoring to cover all areas of the site and keep thieves and vandals away. Advanced surveillance systems offer real-time footage of the site from remote locations so you can watch over it at all times.

Guardmore offers complete security solutions in Edmonton, AB for all businesses. Our services include uniformed guards, CCTV monitoring and mobile patrols.

Get in touch with us so we can discuss your needs and design a custom security plan.

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