Common Causes of Security Lapses in Residential Buildings

According to a recent report, around 29% of the residents of Alberta stated that neighbourhood crime is a serious problem in their area. Alberta has been rated as the 4th highest in terms of overall crime rate in Canada.

In a community association setting, security lapses are a common occurrence. Usually, the residents will try to assign blame to the building board members or managers. However, most of these lapses can be prevented easily with the help of a little bit of knowledge and getting help from professional security teams.

Here’s a list of common security lapses that can increase the risk of theft, vandalism, break-ins, and other security-related issues:

Overlooking the importance of pool safety:

Many residential buildings have private pools that can be enjoyed by anyone who lives there. According to statistics, 87% of drowning incidents in pools occurred in private pools including those in the backyards. In most cases, the victims were minors who got access to the pool when there was no adult present. Security companies offer sturdy, self-latching gates that can only be accessed by adults. These gates can be installed near the entrance of the pool to reduce the risk of accidents involving pools

Not testing the smoke detectors frequently:

A lot of residential incidents involve fires. It’s important to make sure there are smoke alarms installed in every room of the house for efficient protection against fire-related incidents. These detectors need to be checked frequently to make sure they are in working order. Sometimes, due to a lack of use, smoke detectors can stop working and don’t alert the residents on time in case of a serious incident. Checking them every month to make sure they’re in working order can help prevent disasters.

 Having outdated modes of security:

With the latest advancements in technology, criminals have become more tech-savvy and well-informed regarding new ways to break into people’s homes. Residents need to be equally knowledgeable and keep updating their security systems to avoid possible lapses.

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