College Campus Video Surveillance – What You Need to Know

If you’re under the impression that college campuses are somehow safe for young adults, your beliefs will be shattered by the statistics listed below:

  • Out of every 5 female undergraduate students, 4 are subjected to violence in a relationship.
  • The first 8 weeks of classes at college report highest number of cases of sexual assault.
  • More than 80% of rapes reported on college campuses are committed by an acquaintance of the victim. 50% of such incidents allegedly occurred on dates.

With the rates of sexual violence being highest against females aged between 18 and 24 years of age in Canada, it’s no surprise that the demographics point towards the need of college campus supervision.

Sexual violence is not, however, the only concern. College students are subjected to violent cases of ragging y seniors, engage in cafeteria fights, and/or fall victim to brawls at special events on campus. With a strict system of surveillance, these statistics are expected to go down and make the space safe for everyone.

Here’s what is essential to have in the surveillance solutions that you opt for.


A video surveillance system that has interrupted flow of data and loss of data in real time is no good. A single moment of time lag can result in another case of assault, violence or even fatalities. It’s important to have the system running seamlessly in order to prevent further damages happening to life and property.


High-resolution surveillance cameras can record the slightest of details even in low-light environments. The storage system of your video surveillance system needs to be optimized to support video streaming in real time. You need storage that can transfer data at the same speed in order to benefit from full-resolution videos.

Ease of Deployment

The mass-scale digitized environments require reliability, speed and ease of deployment in enterprises. Without these qualities, they’re useless in this age. In order to step up the performance of your surveillance system several notches, complex deployments need to be simplified for non-disruptive recording.


With surveillance cameras installed at several locations, there’s a large amount of data coming in every second. With annual upgrades in the number of security cameras installed all around campus, the size of incoming data becomes a leviathan. To better manage all the recorded files, your surveillance system must be easily scalable to larger limits.


This is the backbone of any amenities that you choose to provide on campus. Data storage can account for a major 30% of operations and maintenance costs of the campus. This is exclusive of the cost incurred in new cameras, installments, servers and softwares. It’s only viable to pick a solution that’s suitable for the long-term as a permanent security solution.

Are you ready to deploy surveillance cameras all around the campus?

Guardmore is a security service provider in Edmonton that offers military-grade security staff and high-definition video surveillance facility to make college campuses safe for students. We provide a full-service protection to colleges by enabling seamless supervision at all times. If you require our services, contact us here.

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