CCTV Monitoring

Unique and effective video surveillance solutions, 24/7!

Video surveillance is an important element of every corporate and residential security plan. Not only is it the most proactive way to protect a property, people, and assets, but it also helps mitigate security risks.

Depending on the size and location of a property, it’s not possible for a single security solution—security guards, electronic locks, etc— to protect the asset against threats and risks.

Delta 5 Security exclusive and customizable security solutions offer residents of Edmonton the option to outsource CCTV monitoring and video surveillance. Our packages include bespoke layouts for the installation of various monitoring systems, according to the size and span of the building.

Our professional and fully qualified technicians work directly with clients to create the ideal security solution, according to their needs. We perform a thorough assessment of each property to identify vulnerable spots and recommend the best video surveillance strategy for optimal coverage.

Whether our clients are looking to upgrade their existing CCTV monitoring system or wish to invest in a completely new video surveillance system, we can help with it all. Our monitoring services include:

  • Personalized CCTV installation
  • Expert recommendations from experiences security personnel
  • Remote monitoring options
  • Proactive visual prevention
  • Site and employee monitoring
  • Virtual guard tours
  • Hosted video cloud storage

All the CCTV operators at Delta 5 Security have been trained to identify any potential threat, no matter how small. They’re fully certified and have cleared all background checks to ensure their reliability.

Delta 5 Security also offers expert monitoring staff who oversees the activities of the CCTV operators. They’ll also perform unplanned and regular audits to ensure the performance and integrity of the security system. The dual-layer security solution of our Video Surveillance Monitoring services provides the best on-site security compared to any other security plan.

Get in touch with the best CCTV monitoring experts in Edmonton and secure your assets today!