Business Security Signage — Crime Deterrent or A Waste of Money?

A thief’s perception of their target plays a very important role in determining if they will even go all the way through with their robbery. If the risk of getting caught is higher, the robber will think twice about breaking in and stealing something. Appearances play a very important role in putting a stop to any potential thefts or vandalism against your workplace—research indicates that uniformed guards significantly reduce the risk of burglary in retail stores.

Business security signs, like those which tell people that cameras are installed and watching, are an affordable security solution that are said to reduce the incidence of threats. When a potential criminal sees these, they’d consider the possibility of getting caught and wouldn’t actually steal something. There’s a huge debate about whether these actually work and today we’ll establish this answer once and for all.

Digital Signage as a Reminder

Certain types of information are more likely to drive people to a certain action. For example—vandals don’t destroy property if they see security patrolling the premises.  Similarly, if people see signs that security measures are in place to detect and stop possible thefts, they won’t act on the urge to steal or destroy property.

Research indicates that customers definitely feel much safer when they see this signage, but is inconclusive about whether it’s an effective deterrent. According to surveys, the effectiveness of the signs depends on how authentic these look. If your signs are obviously fake, you won’t stop criminals from committing crimes on the premises.

You Still Need Security

Even if you have signs posted around your place of business, you’ll still need guards around. Trying to scare people into not damaging or stealing from the place is really a hit or miss. Sometimes you’ll convince them, sometimes you won’t. Odds are that most times you’ll fail to convince someone of the effectiveness of your security systems.

Nothing speaks louder than actual security guards roaming around the place and potentially using security signs to tell people that security cameras are always watching. Since security cameras are easily hidden and aren’t the most, you can convince people that there are more security cameras—but you can’t do the same with other security measures.

Balance Signage with Actual Security

If you want to create an effective security protocol, without spending a lot of money, we suggest that you use signage but also implement actual security. The presence of actual security guards would impose the idea that someone’s around and the signs will convince people that the guards will know if a breach has occurred.  On their own, the signs won’t do much because a thief or a vandal can ask—where exactly is the security? And go ahead with their plans.

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