5 Ways To Spot A Fake Security Guard

Untrained security guards pose a major threat to your overall organizational and residential security. They represent a fundamental flaw in your existing security protocols considering how they may not be the most well suited individuals to manage the security in your buildings. When hiring security guard companies, everyone should conduct a thorough assessment to make sure that they aren’t working with amateurs.

Untrained security guards can be unreliable if not downright incapable to contain any possible breaches, to the extent that it can severely compromise your safety. As such, there are certain ways that you can weed-out untrained security guards from professionals through a few simple questions:

1. Ask For Their Backgrounds

If you’re interviewing a potential candidate for a security position, conduct a thorough background assessment to make sure that they are completely above board. This includes prior experience, criminal records and their qualifications to see if they can be trusted with the security of your premises.

2. Check How Skilled They Are

A trained security guard thoroughly understands the protocols they ought to follow in the process of securing a building. They are thorough and systematic in their assessments of the location, inspections as well as the reporting they conduct throughout their detail.

Many professional guards are also trained in firearm handling and basic maneuvers that can help subdue a possible perpetrator. See if your guards can manage all of this, to set yourself at ease.

3. Conduct Thorough Interviews and Ask For Referrals

Although conducting a background check forms part of this process, you should always ask you prospective guards for referrals and recommendations from prior employers. The interview should inspect each and every relevant aspect of their skills. Throughout the procedure you should conduct a thorough appraisal on the ways that they respond, how quick they are with their answers; sometimes it might also help to conduct a psychological evaluation to see if they respond well to stress.

4. Ask For Proofs of Qualification

There are courses that people can go through, administered by different authorities that qualify them to work as security guards.  If the security guards you’re hiring have certifications or even prior experience, ask them for proof to be sure that you’re hiring legit security personnel.

5. Hire Reliable Security Guard Companies

Working with security guard companies, like Guardmore, who have ample experience in managing security contracts and affiliations with ex-military personnel is probably the best way to avoid being scammed. They also do much of the job for you, by arranging for the most well suited and qualified security guards to take away the hassle of doing it yourself.

Guardmore is a security service provider in Edmonton. Our teams of security guards comprise of thoroughly trained security personnel and ex-military management that supervises the implementation of security protocols across your property. Get in touch with us today for more information on our security guard services.

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