5 Telling Signs of Fake Security Personnel

According to statistics, the employment rate in the private security industry of Canada has surpassed that of the public police officers. In 2006, there were about 102,000 private security personnels in the country and the numbers have risen considerably since then.

People can benefit greatly from the services of private security companies. However, with the expansion of the industry, there has also been an increase in scams and fake security personnel have tried to gain access to security jobs and taken advantage of their positions.

If you’re thinking of hiring security personnel for your house or your business, make sure you pay close attention to these signs before making the final decision.

1. Is Their Background Satisfactory?

Incidents of fake security guards causing trouble for businesses show up in the news every other day. So the first and the most significant step of hiring security personnel is checking their background; their prior jobs, associations with organizations and most importantly, their criminal record.

2. What Skills Do They Possess?

Another indicator of fake security personnel is the lack of skill and knowledge of handling different security situations. Ask them if they’re willing to go through a few tests. If they’re legit, they won’t hesitate one bit! And there’s your answer. However, just to be sure, evaluate how they’re interacting with visitors and if they’re using the surveillance equipment correctly.

3. How Did They Perform in the Interview?

Sure, the candidate will bring a resume and cover letter, but there’s a lot more you need to know when hiring security personnel than what’s on paper. Make sure you interview them personally, prepare the questions after conducting extensive research about the qualifications that security personnel should have. Fake security personnel will be easy to spot in an interview. Your instincts can also tell you a lot!

4. Can They Provide Proof of Qualifications?

Ask the security person to provide you a proof of their qualifications. It’s the fastest way to catch a fake candidate. If they don’t possess any documents as proof, then that’s a big red flag!

5. Do They Come from a Reputable Security Guard Service?

If you want to guarantee hiring professional security personnel, then accessing them through a reputable security guard service is your best option. Private security companies hire the best and the most qualified security personnel in their teams. By connecting with them, you can ensure optimum security for your premises.

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