5 Signs Your Business Needs Protection

Research points out some very startling figures about the incidence of violent crimes in the United States. Surveys indicate that nearly 18% of all violent crimes occur in the workplace. Back in 2012, a jury awarded $1.46 million to a Wal-Mart employee in Windsor for mistreatment at the workplace. Additionally, 258,818 incidences of vandalism and mischief were reported to the police in 2018. None of these events would’ve occurred if organizations had implemented safety mechanisms to protect their employees from threats inside and outside the workplace.

There are social, psychological and financial costs associated with security lapses at the workplace—costs that are easily avoidable. Recognizing the signs and assessing the security threats to your workplace can help clamp down on workplace harassment, violence and mistreatment before these issues escalate. Additionally, the Canadian government requires you to ensure the highest safety standards for your employees according to the Westray bill.

We’ll discuss some of the signs that indicate that you need to upgrade business security to keep your employees and business itself safe.

Rising Thefts in Your Neighborhood

Reports indicate that the retail sector is currently facing a theft crisis that has a major impact on business bottom lines. Look out for instances of theft and the businesses that are targeted. Use this information to install security cameras and hire mobile security guards who can prevent any unfortunate events.

Rising Incidences of Vandalism

There’s something very interesting about vandals. Research indicates that vandals only want to express a thought, often of a destructive nature without causing physical harm to the person they’re up against. Vandalism is usually directed against places that seem unguarded and where no one is in charge. Rising instances of vandalism effectively point out that you’re open to other threats besides the vandal themselves.

You’ve Received Complaints of Harassment

Harassment’s a fairly common complaint from within the workplace and there are always more unreported instances under the radar. Statistics indicate that a majority of workplace harassment complaints come in after interactions with clients and managers. It’s also been seen that nearly 34% of all harassment charges are never reported. In case you’ve received a complaint in the past, you should definitely introduce more security precautions.

Flagrant Interactions in the Workplace

Disgruntled employees or dissatisfied customers are frequently involved in workplace related violence. If you think that your employees have gotten into altercations in the past with a customer or co-workers; irrespective of who initiated the conflict, you should hire more security.

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