5 Questions to Evaluate Security Guard Services

When you’re searching for the perfect security guard agency, you may not know how to assess them properly. What looks great on paper may not be so great when in practice.

Use the following as a guide to evaluate security guard services:


Before you even begin to question a security guard agency think about your security concerns.

What are the valuable items that you hold on the premises? Do you have expensive equipment that can be carried away by burglars?  Do you have a cash register that can become the target of thieves? Is your workplace located in a neighborhood with a high crime rate? Are there vulnerable spots around the premises that can put you at risk of criminals?

You need to fully understand your own security concerns before reaching out to a security agency. Once you’ve answered these questions yourself, you can convey your concerns to security agencies and evaluate them based on their proposed solutions.

1. Do you have experience with similar companies?

Not all guards are the same; depending on their experience, they are equipped with different kinds of skills.

For example, the guard of an elementary school will have different skills to the security guard of a bank.

By asking a security agency if they’ve worked with similar companies, you ensure that their guards have the training and skills to keep your workplace and employees safe.  

2. Do you offer services in my city?

Security companies that are located in the same area as yours have security guards that are aware of the city’s crime scene and the security risks/issues.

Also, choosing a local security agency with multiple locations in the city gives you access to additional reinforcements when needed.

3. Do you have reviews/testimonials from clients?

There’s no better way of judging a company’s services than to see what their past clients have to say. Ask the security agency about their current clients and how long they’ve worked with them. If they don’t have long-term clients then take it as a red flag.

Check their reviews and ratings online to see what people are saying about them.

4. How are your services priced?

If a security company is offering much lower prices than their competitors, there’s probably something they aren’t telling you. Usually, such companies have a bunch of hidden costs that you’ll only become aware of after you hire them.

Cheap security companies are a sign for three things: extra costs, poorly paid guards (that don’t have the motivation to perform) and poor infrastructure.

5. Do you have insurance and licensing?

If a guard happens to get injured on the job, the security agency should be able to cover the cost. Security agencies with insurance are able pay for injuries. If they aren’t insured, you can be found liable.

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