4 Common Security Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to ensuring the safety of a commercial property or a workplace, devising a security plan can be overwhelming—keeping in mind the size of the facility, all the activities that go on within it, and the nature of those activities.

This is also why one place’s security place can’t be used to secure the weak entry points of another. However, while every place needs its own distinct and customized security solution, there are a few basics that all of them should cover, and few mistakes that all of them should avoid.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common security mistakes that should be avoided for air-tight security.

Mistake no. 1: Leaving security hardware to do the job

Machines may have a higher rate of productivity than any man’s but let’s face it, there’s only so much they can do.

If you have a security system with surveillance cameras monitoring your property, is that going to keep your property safe? Cameras may help you recover what’s lost, but they won’t prevent it from happening in the first place.

Many companies install security solutions and leave it at that but that’s a flawed approach as it can leave you vulnerable to security threats. While no one denies the importance of a comprehensive and effective security system, it’s better not to rely on it solely to keep you safe.

Mistake no. 2: Not enforcing employee ID protocols

Did you know according to the crime reports in Canada, the victim’s workplace was the location for 40 percent of all violent crimes?

Whether a certain crime is committed by a co-worker or a person who was able to sneak into the building after hours, enforcing employee ID protocols can reduce the risks of any such crime happening at the workplace.

A building access card isn’t just about checking badges on entry; it allows one to monitor access logs for potential ID misuse so that the safety of everyone at the workplace isn’t compromised.

Mistake no. 3: Relying on a single security layer

Relying on one aspect of your security and banking on it to keep you safe is a rookie mistake. Sure installing building access controls can help you reduce the risks of any security threats, but that can only take you so far.

Some parts of your commercial property or workplace require additional security due to the presence of sensitive information or prized goods. As such, added security measures should be put in place to make sure no intruder can enter that space.

Mistake no. 4: Not allocating resources for observation and monitoring

Do you know why the Americans were successful in decoding the Soviet transmissions? It’s because the Soviets became careless and used the same code one too many times. This means that your security methods are only as good as your implementation of them.

Most security companies think that installing surveillance hardware can remedy any security breaches but that’s far from the truth. Observing and monitoring activity is just as important as any other aspect of setting up a security parameter, and the importance of it should never be downplayed.

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