3 Ways to Avoid Internal Security Threats

Even though organizations most often correlate threats to external elements, danger can be lurking within the boundaries of the premises as well.

In fact, statistics show that internal security attacks can do more harm to a system than external dangers because the perpetrator will know exactly where to hit. With knowledge of confidential details also comes the power to exploit. Be it cyber crime or physical attacks, jeopardizing the wellbeing of the organization, and safety of personnel and property is not excusable at any cost.

With an ineffective security team, large corporations are usually not competent enough to defend their ground, let alone protect others. This is why they need the services of a specialized security provider to combat such threats.

Here are 3 ways to avoid internal security threats.

Strengthen Security Policy

The security policy of any company determines the limit to which security teams can access the in-house operations. This is essential to document because with the need for security comes the need to retain employee privacy. It’s imperative that the management develop a clear and direct security policy which demarcates privacy from security and makes it clear to the employees.

A security policy also majorly determines the extent to which employees are allowed to use the IT resources. The security policy should make it binding for employees to adhere to the company rules and expect strict action in case of noncompliance.

Perform Background Checks

For corporations dealing with sensitive data on a daily basis, it’s even more important for the Human Resource department to perform an extensive background check on employees before hiring. It’s extremely risky to allow any and all candidates to join the workforce and gain access to company data with their employment card.

Not only is it important for the management to perform background checks at the time of employment but also make this a regular practice. With the fear of being uncovered and hence fired, workers will be less likely to engage in illicit activities.

Scan Data

Innovative companies have established a system of screening user activities on their IT system. It’s important to monitor what activities beside work-related assignments employees engage in during work hours. Browsing the history is not an adequate measure of screening the system for anomalies.

For internal culprits who are adept at using technology, you need to brush up your own skills of catching them. You need to utilize Intrusion Detection System (IDS) logs, security reports and more to scan the data effectively. Activities such as transferring large amounts of data onto an external device or visiting unrelated websites are red flags.

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