3 Mandatory Duties Every Security Guard Must Perform

Police officers and other law enforcement agents are specifically trained to deal with criminal activity. They possess the legal rights to execute measures required by law. In situations where necessary, security guards exercise a different set of duties and responsibilities.

Security guards are hired by businesses and individuals to help secure their homes, commercial and corporate environments from activities like theft, trespassing, vandalism and personal attacks. Possessing limited legal authority, the duties of security personnel tend to vary by employer according to their specific concerns and needs.

There are, however, the following key duties that every security guard must perform.

Observing and reporting

Because security guards are hired with the main intent to provide security to and protect a place, property or person from harm, one of their key responsibilities is to monitor a specific area at all hours of the day and report any incidents that may take place.

He is responsible for keeping an eye out for any suspicious activity and is expected to keep his reflexes ready even after a dangerous situation has successfully been averted. Relaxing on the job is not for a security officer.

Sometimes, a security guard may also be required to keep a check and maintain certain conditions and policies defined by his employer. This may include things like searching visitors before granting entry, or, asking employees to show their ID cards before letting them enter office premises.

Making himself clearly visible

Another duty of a security guard that closely ties with being able to prevent crises from taking place is to make sure that he is clearly visible at all times. This deters any criminals and discourages them from acting out.

Most robbers, thieves, shoplifters and muggers would think twice before creating trouble when they see a guard around.

So, being visible is one of the ways that a security guard is required to help prevent theft, damage, and personal injury.

Detain Criminals or violators until authorities arrive

Since security guards are not members of the police; the powers they can exert in times of crises are limited. They are not allowed to use unnecessary force, and most of the time, require a license to carry and use a hand gun.

They may, however, detain individuals suspected of crime until law enforcement officers arrives, or escort them off the property with a warning.

Final thoughts

At the end of the day, the main responsibility of a security guard is to make sure no harm comes your way.

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