3 Key Steps for Improving Security of Construction Sites

The security of construction sites serves as a major concern for most contractors. Not only do they have to have to worry about the safety of their workers but also of their valuable equipment. Stolen construction equipment accounts for millions of dollars which is why it’s important to increase site security to prevent losses.

It’s essential to take preemptive action and here are some key steps you can take to improve security of your construction site.

Install security cameras

Construction sites require round the clock surveillance to make sure that no equipment is stolen. As the site is usually massive, security cameras provide a cheaper alternative to hiring multiple security guards.

Since construction work is a dangerous profession, the safety of your workers cannot be overlooked. Security cameras allow you to monitor whether your workers are following safety guidelines, thus limiting workplace accidents.

Keep your site well-lit

The simple act of keeping your construction site well-lit can deter thieves. Thieves are less likely to enter well-lit sites and usually, they see this as a sign that the site is under surveillance.

If you’re against this idea, invest in motion sensors. Place them along the perimeter of your site so that whenever they detect movement, the lights are switched on drawing more attention to your site in case of a theft.

Hire extra security

Many people consider hiring security guards to be a safer option than installing security cameras. Sure enough, there are some things that security guards can do that surveillance cameras simply can’t! Security guards can help deal with disorderly conduct and ensure that workers don’t damage the site or equipment.

If you feel that you don’t need to have security guards on the site at a particular time, you could choose to hire a mobile patrol service.

This is often the option construction site owners opt for as they feel that their property is at high-risk during the night. Guards patrol the area of your site at intervals making sure no suspicious activity is taking place.

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