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Delta 5 Security Ltd is a premier full-service security provider that delivers more for less. With the most advanced processes, innovative services, and cutting-edge technology, Delta 5 Security Ltd takes corporate security to the next level.

Why Delta 5 Security Ltd

Protect your investments, create a safe work environment, and cultivate client trust with a custom security program developed by a leading security services provider. Delta 5 security and surveillance solutions are always on the cutting edge. We research industry innovation and address all types of risk when building your custom security program. Our agency is passionate about the industry and our security guards are committed to your success. We don’t just meet goals – we exceed expectations.

In addition to game-changing technology and professionally trained security guards on the ground, Delta 5 excels with a knowledgeable, friendly management team that is dedicated to you. We walk alongside your business as committed partners and offer a unique level of hands-on involvement. Every client has access to a dedicated account manager that you can rely on to keep you informed with frequent visits and calls. Enjoy full transparency and total customer care with 24/7/365 availability with Delta 5, the most highly qualified full-service security company in Edmonton.


Delta 5 Security Ltd is always up-to-date on industry trends and innovation. We hold current memberships with:

  • ASIS
  • BOMA
  • ICSC
  • Alberta Chamber of Commerce
  • Alberta Better Business Bureau

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What We Do

Delta 5 Security Ltd delivers the highest quality service and is a leader in security technology. PALTRAC real time guard monitoring software optimizes performance and delivers valuable security analytics. With custom reports, comprehensive data stamps, and built-in controls, Delta 5 Security Ltd takes uniformed guard patrol to the next level. We also offer intelligent video solutions, including monitored surveillance cameras, CCTV security, and auto-alert systems that are linked to emergency response services.

With nearly a decade of experience, Delta 5 Security Ltd is the expert in custom security.


  • Shopping centers
  • Nightclubs
  • Pubs
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Warehouses
  • Industrial plants
  • Vehicle dealerships
  • Retail properties
  • Commercial properties
  • Construction sites
  • Oil fields

Events and Special Services

  • Concerts
  • Executive protection
  • Integrity checks
  • Out of town camp work
  • Loss prevention
  • Bike patrol
  • Mobile patrol
  • Parking infraction control
  • Evictions
  • Private investigations

CCTV Specialist

  • CCTV installation
  • CCTV and access control
  • Live CCTV monitoring with motion sensor alerts
  • Alarm and mobile unit dispatch response
  • Voice-over speaker deterrence

Why We Do It

We are committed to delivering the best service, day in and out. At Delta 5 Security Ltd we believe that custom security is an integral part of your future success. With an emphasis on corporate responsibility, we improve the quality of life for our community, empower employees, and support those in need. Delta 5 Security Ltd profits are modest so that we can pass on the savings and keep costs down for you.



PALTRAC is Delta 5 Security Ltd exclusive security guard management software. The private program can be installed onsite and delivers a 100% tamper-proof corporate security solution. The fully electronic system reduces paperwork for guards, diminishes management strain, and optimizes security performance. Every patrol is logged electronically with one-click reports and all incident reports are categorized for future reference.

Go green with paperless reporting and take a powerful step toward liability reduction with PALTRAC.

Security Shortfalls

  • Printed paper waste
  • Incomplete, illegible hand-written forms
  • Slow mail process to headquarters
  • Lost paperwork and missing incident IDs
  • Lack of guard monitoring
  • No accountability for standards

PALTRAC Solutions

  • Paperless hand-held device solution
  • Complete, legible digital forms
  • Instant data transfer and updating
  • One-click reporting and categorized cloud storage
  • Real time monitoring and GPS tracking
  • Tamper-proof tracking and alerts


Fully Automated

Scheduled tasks are automatically tracked and stamped with GPS, date, time, and location data.

Real Time GPS Tracking

Instantly dispatch and track security guards with the GPS-linked hand-held device.

Automatic Updates

The latest tech integration works without downloaded software to eliminate downtime.

Customizable Program

Management tools and forms configured by our team at no cost to you.

Updated Itinerary

Sort and assign tasks to hand-held devices by location or department without delay.

Patrol Tracking

Guard scans are GPS tracked and photo-stamped with date, time, and optional voice recordings or notes.


Real-time patrol QR code scan ensure total coverage and locked photo database storage prevents editing.

Missed Scan Alert

Missed QR patrol scans launch a 15-minute window to scan as assigned or issue alert.

No Motion Alert

After 15 minutes of no GPS movement, an alarm is automatically triggered.

Geo-Fencing Alert

Automatic alert and device locking for guard devices more than 1 mile offsite.

Detailed Reporting

Incident forms force guards to fill out details thoroughly and correctly with photos, audio, GPS location, time stamp, and level of importance.

Incident Action

Monitor, review, record, report, and track resolution progress on-site or remotely.

Reporting Data

Generate reports by location, property, and issue with excel, word, and PDF export options.

Security Analytics

Analyze data and identify trends at specific properties or locations.